HOG HISTORY & why our Chapter Rocks

HOG HISTORY & why our Chapter Rocks

A brief History of H.O.G.® Harley Owners Group®

Part of riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, is being welcomed into a sponsored community marketing club, called Harley Owner’s Group, also known as “HOG”. People are quick to assume that maybe H.O.G.®is a reference to the shape of the bike, etc.There is some history behind the term "HOG" and associating the name to a motorcycle. It started in 1914, when Harley-Davidson® fielded their very first factory race team. The H-D® team was quickly referred to as the, "Wrecking Crew" due to their domination on the track. During WW1, many of the bikes manufactured were to be sent and used for the military, postponing racing for a few seasons. When the races commenced, racer Ray Weishar had acquired a pet piglet during the off-season, which would end up being turned into the team mascot. How so? Well, every victory was celebrated with a victory lap, accompanied by the little piglet, named Johnny. Fans picked up on this quickly, and the rest is history. Harley® adapted the logo and mascot over the last 100+ years, and the H.O.G.® symbol remains iconic to the Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle community.

The group was created in the early 80’s (1983) as a way to get customers-employees- and like minded riders making ties and building stronger relationships in their riding community.

How does one join the H.O.G.® CLUB?

To be eligible to join H.O.G.®, there is one main rule:

  1. You must own a Harley-Davidson! (Associate members can be riders of course)
  2. Upon purchase of a new motorcycle, you will earn ONE free year membership into the HOG club, and the BINGHAMTON HOG CHAPTER.

Why the Binghamton H.O.G.® Chapter ROCKS:

  1. We are a diverse group of riders, enjoying a wide range of events and rides all season & OFF season long!
  2. We raise money for Local Charities, our favorite is “Christmas for Kids” which allows us to shop for children of less fortunate circumstances, working together with Toys for Tots.
  3. We work together to host events in the dealership, and around the community.
  4. We love to have fun.
  5. We love to Ride.

Interested in learning more about the Binghamton H.O.G.® Chapter, please fill out the form and we will get you enrolled today!